Kylee Raye, daughter of Bobby and Kara. Ironically, she was born on her dad's birthday in 1995 and shares that birth date with both Mike and Bobby.
picture taken 2011.

Koree Elizabeth, born to Bobby and Kara on January 27, 1998. Taken 2011.

Keirston is Jo's daughter. She is growing up fast-

Kameron is Jo's son. He appears to be learning a new trade a little early, and even able to use it! Picture taken 2011.
Sheila was the first of the great-grandchildren. She is the daughter of Mike and Heather. This picture was taken at her wedding to Rustin Landis. October 28, 2010.
Kelly was 2nd child born to Mike and Heather. This is her 16th birthday picture, taken 2010.

James was only son Mike had. This picture was in Facebook 2011. One boy with 4 sisters! Doesn't seem to have done him any harm - only rooster in the henhouse! (Sorry, girls, couldn't resist that pun)

Little Mike was Debbie's son from a prior marriage and was brought into our family when Mike and Debbie were married. Welcome, Mike! We are happy to have you join us. Mike was born July 5, 1989, making him three months older than Sheila.
Thad Ballard, updated May, 2010. Thad went to live with Mike and Debbie when he was still a young boy, growing up with one who, at that time, was called "Little Mike"! At this time, it appears the "Little" can be dropped. He has been a member of our extended family for quite a few years now. Welcome, Thad!

updated picture of Ashley taken 2009.
Ashley Marie-Jean was born to Mike and Debbie on August 4, 1996. She only missed being born on Mike's birthday by one day.

Amber Alyssa was born June 30, 1999.
This picture taken in a studio specializing in old-time photos and costumes. Her choice was interesting!

Adrianna Ellis Potter, born in Korea in January of 2006, daughter of Keith and Rachel. Picture updated January 2012.
Sebastian Potter, born in S. Korea August 3, 2008, son of Keith and Rachel. Picture updated January 2012.

Daniel, born March 12, 2008. This picture taken from Facebook. He is 3 now, growing up fast.

Alexander "Alex",was born to Tammy and Darryl February 7, 1992. Tammy is Roger's step-daughter.
Picture is his year 2011 school graduation picture.

ShyAnne, daughter of Tammy and Darryl Brown. This picture taken from Facebook, 2011.

Jake, born August 6, 1998 -- the son of Tammy and Darryl and little brother to Alex and Shyanne. This is his 2008 school picture.